A Teeny Tiny Announcement

Today is Grandparents’ Day, so Nathan and I invited his parents over for dinner. This is what they found in the entryway:


Subtle, eh?

If you haven’t figured it out yet (don’t worry, it took them awhile too!) – I’m pregnant! 

I’ve been reluctant to post anything on here given my miscarriage in May and the two episodes of bleeding and subsequent trips to the hospital that have already occurred in this pregnancy – but as of today, I am 13 weeks, 2 days pregnant and due somewhere around the 15th of March.

So far we’ve had two ultrasounds – one at 10 weeks, 6 days (with the first episode of bleeding), where were able to see the tiny flicker of a heartbeat, and one at 12 weeks (with the second episode of bleeding) where we were able to see Baby flipping around, having a grand old time, waving his or her little hands at us. The second ultrasound was much more complete and measured Baby at 11 weeks, 6 days with a strong heartbeat of 157 bpm.

The problem was discovered in the second ultrasound: A low lying placenta. (Is it weird to blog about my placenta? HT does it, so I figured it would be okay!) It doesn’t mean much in the way of complications now, apart from occasional bleeding that I’m not supposed to worry about (but come on, bleeding? During pregnancy? What woman wouldn’t worry?) - but it’s going to be closely monitored and if it doesn’t move up on its own (which most of them do!) it means I’ll have to have a C-section. But that’s months and months away, so I’m not even going to think about it right now!

I have my first OB appointment on Tuesday of this week. I asked to be referred to a new doctor since my experience last time around was less than stellar. Nathan’s not happy because my new doctor is male but honestly, once you’ve been pregnant once and had everybody and their dog looking at your hoo-ha – well, modesty goes out the window. As long as he knows what he’s doing and has a good bedside manner, I’m sure we’ll get along just fine!

Topher hasn’t completely wrapped his mind around the idea of a baby – I told him I have a baby in my tummy and he asked if it was Baby James (a friend from his day home). I said no, so he asked if it was Baby Noah (another friend). Every now and then he tells me he has a tummyache and clutches his stomach, saying “I’m getting a baby in my tummy, Mommy!” I’ve tried to convince him that only girls have babies, and only when they’re married - but so far no luck. We originally wanted to wait until after the big ultrasound at 18-20 weeks to share our news but figured Topher would spill the beans before then!

Since we’re officially in the second trimester now, we’re supposed to be pretty much “out of the woods” as far as miscarriage goes – but I would still appreciate any and all prayers you care to offer on our behalf!