Cheese and Crackers and Mighty Machines

I just asked Topher what he wants for his bedtime snack and he said "Cheese and crackers and a Mighty Machines, Mommy!" It's already 7 o'clock - bedtime, since Topher doesn't like to nap anymore. I wouldn't usually let him watch such a long show right at bedtime but after a day like today - well, he can have pretty much whatever he wants, and he knows it.

We spent most of the afternoon glued to the weather station and twitter when a tornado watch was issued. The watch turned into a warning and the warning came a little too close to home when Josh Classen (Edmonton's favourite meteorologist!) tweeted "Lessard/Callingwood areas. GET DOWN NOW. Strong rotation on radar. 3:01 pm." That's our neighbourhood. We spent a terrifying twenty minutes huddled in the bathroom - Ellie slept in my arms while Topher and I looked through horse magazines and Chloe paced and whined to be let out. I've lived in Alberta for eight years now and have experienced many a tornado watch - but today was the first time I remember an actual tornado warning in the city - never mind swirling skies right above my house. And Nathan was all "It's nothing..." Well - until he heard on the news that the clouds were rotating in Callingwood - that's when he told his boss he was leaving and started driving home. Of course (of course!) it was all over by the time he got here an hour later - no tornado touched down and it was barely even raining.

But still.

Does this look like nothing?


*Photo filched from CBC News Edmonton

Poor Topher still hasn't recovered - it's almost 9 o'clock now and he's still not asleep. I read him two books, sang him every kid song I know, and he asked me to pray for him half a dozen times - he even tried to get me to lie down with him. (This from the kid who usually waves and says "Good night, Mommy! See you in the morning!") He's terrified that a tornado will come during the night and that he's not safe in his room. I got him to try to sleep by pinky promising that if any scary weather came, I would get him and bring him into our room with us. I know it's not a good idea to let your kid sleep in bed with you but if I'm being completely honest, it's as much for my comfort as it is his: I'm terrified of tornados (I watched Twister once, that was enough to give me nightmares for months!) but I hate thunderstorms so much that I've been guilty of waking him up from a deep sleep in his own room to carry him in to our bed to snuggle on more than one occasion. So really it's no wonder he's so scared ...