Marking the Day

I feel like an ungrateful brat.

I’ve spent most of the past two weeks celebrating the holidays with family and friends. We had a fantastic Christmas – Topher was ecstatic to see his drums under the tree Christmas morning! – but despite all the blessings we’ve been showered with – I can’t help feeling sad.

Today was my due date for the baby we lost in May.

I should be happy. 

I have a healthy two-year-old who makes me laugh at least a hundred times a day, and I have approximately ten weeks left until I can hold our daughter in my arms. She’s active and – as far as the doctors can tell at this point – completely healthy.

But I still feel like a part of me is missing.

Like a part of our family is missing.

My goal for the weekend is to shake the blues by working on Topher’s big boy room – and hopefully be back with a more positive post or two next week!