Mommy Confessions

The first time Topher was placed in my arms, I remember looking into those blue eyes and running my fingers through his orange mullet and thinking to myself, "THIS is what I was made for.  THIS is my calling."  I love being a mom, but I'm far from perfect.  Topher watches more TV than he should.  We usually eat at McDonald's on the way home from church on Sundays, and our house is never clean.  (If it looks like it is, just open the door to our bedroom.  That's where we stash everything when people come over!)  I lose my patience at least eight times a day.  Once dinner is over, I count the minutes to bedtime, and sometimes I let Ellie sleep in a wet diaper if it means I get some sleep.  That's life.  

Here are some of my other "Mommy Confessions":

  • I'm really bad at remembering to brush Topher's teeth.  I consider it a good day if they get brushed once, at bedtime.
  • I can't remember the last time I brushed his hair with an actual hairbrush or a comb.  I smooth it down after his bath - that's good enough!
  • I bribe Topher with candy.  If I have to take him to one of Ellie's doctor's appointments, I promise him a "special treat" if he's good (and quiet, since he usually talks to the doctor more than I do!).  Last week I caught myself promising him a sucker if he went to Sunday School without crying...
  • Topher has sucked two of his fingers since he discovered them as a baby.  It kept him happy and let all of us sleep through the night so I didn't care.  He still sucks them if he's tired or overwhelmed, and I  know that I should probably try to wean him off of them (especially before he starts preschool!) - but honestly?  I still don't really care.  Judging from family history, he's going to need braces regardless, so he can stop when he's ready.  (Well, as long as it's before he starts college ...)  I think ellie is going to be a finger sucker too.
  • We have a dog.  Our floor is never completely clean - but I taught Topher the five second rule.
  • Topher hates to eat lunch so I call it "a snack" - and the only way I can get him to eat anything is to cut it up in little pieces and put it in an ice cube tray so he thinks it's fun.  It's a pain but it's better than dealing with temper tantrums.
  • If Ellie is happy playing with her toys on the floor, I let her play with her toys on the floor.  If she doesn't need to be entertained - yay for me!  I can get things done!  Sometimes I even put her in her crib for 10 or 15 minutes with some of her toys so I can have a break.
  • I buy Topher a smoothie from Orange Julius every single time we go to the mall.  He sits in the stroller and drinks it - it's the only way I can get any shopping done!
  • I let Chloe babysit.  If I'm having a particularly rough day, I'll give Topher a scoop of Chloe's dental food (which they  both think is a treat!) and he'll feed it to her one piece at a time.  It usually takes a good 10 minutes or so ... Sometimes I even put her leash on in the house and let him take her for walks up and down the hallway.  He loves it.  Sorry, Chloe!