New Beginnings

I had a revelation last night.

I was trying to plan out my day: regular chores, meals, baths, etc., as well as a morning trip to the library.

Oh, and a shower for me at some point, since I'm pretty sure today is Day Three without one, and I feel absolutely disgusting since Ellie's becoming quite superb in the art of projectile spit-up and it's really not doing the best things for my hair.

Or my smell ...

Over the past three weeks, I've made it a point to schedule in some special time each day for "Mommy and Topher time". We'll read books or play games or do an art or science project while Ellie naps - earlier this week we were even able to try out a new coffee shop in the neighbourhood while Nathan stayed home with Ellie. Ellie gets her special time with Mommy when Topher is napping and after he's gone to bed for the night - and all night long, it seems, since she's such a hungry little girl! Both of them usually sleep at the same time for an hour or two in the evenings, and that's my time with Nathan ~ we usually snuggle up on the couch and watch an episode or two of Smallville. Chloe even gets special time with me, since she's been acting a little bit depressed since we brought Ellie home from the hospital: I try to make sure she gets at least one good walk, sans kids and stroller, every day (since I have to tie her to my waist when we go out the rest of the time, and that can't be much fun for an inquisitive pup!).

Last night it hit me. I make time in my day for everybody else - but when do I make time for ME?

It's a lesson I seem to learn, forget, and re-learn all too often ...

I still have no idea what this space is going to become, but I know that I need to make time for myself - and I know that I miss writing.

So here's to new beginnings :)