Onward and Upward


As if last week wasn't emotional enough, on Saturday we celebrated Topher's graduation from preschool.  There was cake and ice cream, two bouncy houses - and surprisingly few tears, thanks in large part to this post by Melanie Dale.

I will miss Topher's days as a preschooler.

I'll miss the silly game we played every morning, trying to get his shoes on the right feet.  I'll miss the way he scrambled to his feet the second his teacher walked into the room and his mad dash to her chair so he could be first in line to get his letter.  I'll miss his "One more hug and kiss, Mommy!" and the way he tackled little Ellie to the ground to give her hers.  I'll miss chatting with the other moms in the hallway outside the classroom, and I'll miss Topher sending his lunchbox down the railing on the wall for one of his friends to catch.  I'll miss the guessing games - "Guess who had Show and Tell today, Mommy?  You'll never guess!"  followed by "Guess what he brought!"  when I finally get it right.

I will miss Topher's days as a preschooler, but at the same time, I'm looking ahead.  Onward and upward, I say!