2014 Canadian Christmas Bloggers Swap


This year was the second year I participated in the Canadian Christmas Bloggers Swap organized by two lovely ladies, Leigh and Lindsey!  I love taking part in swaps because a) I get mail that's not bills, and b) I get to discover awesome new blogs that I might not otherwise stumble upon.

This year I was paired up with Lindsay at Strive to Stride, and she sent me the beautiful handmade ornament pictured above.   Ellie adores it so much that I've already had to move it three times!

Lindsay shared the ornament I sent her on her blog yesterday.  I wanted to keep it for myself but Nathan already gives me grief about the wildlife we already have on our tree, what with the birds and the bears and the beavers.

Thanks so much, Lindsay - and thanks for organizing another great swap, Leigh and Lindsey!