Dear Ellie


I love your smile.  I love the way you scrunch up your nose and squeeze your eyes shut and stretch your mouth as wide as it can go.

I love your laughs.  You have many, but my favourites are your belly laugh and your Sheldon Cooper chortle.  You may not have any idea what the people around you are talking about, but you have the best comedic timing!

I love your compassionate heart.  I love the way you are always looking for ways to help others and make them feel better.

I love that you're always the first one to notice Chloe when she's trying to blend into the background when we're getting ready to leave, hoping we'll forget to put her in her kennel.  You pat her so gently, so tenderly, and say "Good girl, Co-ee.  Good girl!" followed by a kiss on her furry head.

I love that you're potty training yourself.  I wasn't planning to start any time soon (I can't find underwear small enough to fit you!) but you want to be just like Topher, so you carefully observe him while he does his business - rubbing his back or his knees, saying "PUSH, Brudder!  PUSH!"  When he's finished you clap and cheer and say "Good girl, Brudder!"  You almost always go poo on the potty now - with "Brudder" at your side, cheering you on.  And I didn't have to do a thing!

I love your independence.  I'm sure it's going to cause problems for us in the next few years, but right now I love the fact that you're confident enough in yourself to explore things on your own.  Thank goodness you never stray too far!

I love that you like to pick out your own clothes and try to put them on.  It makes for some pretty interesting combinations - this morning you were wearing a blue polka dot swimsuit over rainbow striped pyjama pants, with Oilers socks pulled up to your knees!

I love that you don't let anyone - not even the big brother that you so adore - push you around.

I love that you have a deep affection for books, just like I do.  I wish you weren't quite so vigorous with turning the pages and lifting the flaps, especially in library books, but you love to read so I won't complain!

I love that you exclaim "Oh ..." before just about every word you say.  "Oh, Brudder!"  "Oh, cars!"  "Oh, snow!"  Last week I taught you "Old McDonald Had a Farm" and you finished it with "E I E I O - Oh, Corn!"  You still sing it like that, but I think you're just doing it for the laughs.

I love the way you hold a step stool in front of your tummy and strum it like a guitar, belting out nonsense words at the top of your lungs.  Daddy has a sneaking suspicion that you're going to be musical ...

And I especially love your hugs ("SQUEEZE, Mama!") and your kisses ("KEES!") and the fact that you still think my lips are magic, able to heal each and every bump and bruise you get.  I wish they would always possess that magic.

I find it hard to believe that in just a few weeks we will be celebrating your second birthday.  Where did the time go, sweet girl?

I love you now & forever,