I Blame the Internet.


I haven't been writing lately.

I blame the internet.

When I sit down to write I almost always end up on a rabbit trail where I  discover a blog post or article on the exact topic I was planning to write about, presented in such a creative way and written so well that I automatically think "I could never do that!"

So I don't write.

And when I do write, I find myself caught in the list of dos and don'ts.  If you've blogging for any length of time, I'm sure you know what I mean: Formula writing.  Post this often. On these topics.  Don't talk about this.  Learn to take pictures like this.  

Sometimes I feel like the internet destroys my creativity.

So I've taken a step back and made my world smaller.   I've deleted some blogs from my Feedly account and become much more selective about who I do add to my reader.  And Twitter.  And Facebook ...

I've started writing more in my paper journal, where I can scribble and scratch out and draw loops and arrows and squiggles to my heart's content.

And it's been refreshing.

I don't spend an hour on the computer getting frustrated. I write what I want to write until it's the way I want it, then I close my book and that's it.  No thoughts about comments or readership or who I might offend.

It's been nice to get back to the basics.

The beginning.

The writing.