Just Get In

Topher started his second set of swimming lessons on the weekend.    He loves swimming!  He met his teacher and the other kids in his class, and they all lined up to get into the pool.  He was so excited!

But then he froze. And nothing anyone said or did could get him to step into the water. He spent almost the entire lesson sitting on the top step with his feet in the water, watching the other kids in his class.

It was frustrating.   I know his teacher is a good guy,  I know Topher loves to swim, and I know he would have a great time if he would JUST GET IN. 

But he sat there and stubbornly shook his head.  No.  I'm not doing it.  Just NO.

He was afraid and that was that.

And I've been thinking - aren't we all like that sometimes?

I know I am.

Sometimes I feel God leading me in a certain direction and I dig in my heels.  No.  I'm not doing it.  Just NO.   

I feel my reasons are completely valid:  I'm a mom!  I have to take care of the kids!  I can't disrupt their schedules! 

I'll do it, God … next time You ask.  

But my reasons are nothing more than excuses.

The truth is, I'm afraid.

I know my Teacher is a good guy, I know He loves me, and I know He will take care of me - so what's the issue?