These are the Days of ...

Hockey sticks on the front porch.  Minecraft after school.  Ellie using Nathan as her own personal jungle gym.  “Gurl cheese sandwiches” on Saturdays.  Colour by Number books.  Ripped knees in all of Topher’s jeans.  Paw Patrol and Puppy Dog Pals.  A dragon guarding the house from the living room window.  Pups lined up at the top of the stairs.  Growing pains and heating pads.  Fighting over whose turn it is to feed the fish.  Mayonnaise sandwiches shaped like a letter E.  Hockey drills in the basement.  Chocolate chips, cheerios and marshmallows for a mid-morning snack.   Shoveling snow from the shaded parts of the backyard into the sunny parts so it melts faster.  Ready Freddy and Junie B. Jones.  Garden planning.  Knock knock jokes and riddles.  Penpals.  Sparkly boots and lace-up sneakers.   American Ninja Warrior.  The harmonica.  Lego houses.  Best friend cousins.  The Neighbourhood Watch.