Vision Board


Last week Susan shared her idea to start an Art Therapy Journal as an adventure for the new year and invited readers to join in.   Assignment #1:  Make a 2015 Vision Board.

I spent a happy Saturday evening creating my masterpiece - I forgot how much fun colouring is!   I'm not much of an artist so I went with a collage instead.  That amazing background is all me, though!

My vision for 2015 includes writing (and writing and writing and writing!) - about the real things, the hard things, and the personal things.   I enjoy writing about rain rot and hoof abscesses as much as any equine journalist, but I have bigger goals for myself than that, and 2015 is going to be the year to make them happen!  My vision for the year also includes moving into a house (pictured is my Grandma's house in New Brunswick - don't you just love that wraparound porch?), buying a horse (sorry Nathan, but you know it's inevitable!), and of course lots and lots of quality time with my two favourite sidekicks.

Do you have a Vision Board for 2015?  I would love to see it!